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Delivering What You Need As: CFO 

Controlling health plan costs has never been more important, and we understand this is a key focus for you. We custom tailor solutions and alternatives that allow you to choose whether to use savings to add to your bottom line or to enhance your employee benefits package.

The cost of your health plan is likely the 2nd or 3rd highest expense item in your budget. You need analysis and strategy that approaches this cost just like any other functional area of your organization. We do that through our benchmarking and providing alternative strategies for you to consider.

We understand that any effective employee benefits program has to attract and retain quality employees, while fitting within the available budget and financial plans of your organization. To help achieve that, we provide you:

  • Analysis of the cost of your employee benefits programs compared to other employers—in your area and industry
  • Financial and actuarial analysis of implementing various strategies and alternatives
  • Regular financial updates and recommendations on adjustments to keep you within your goals
  • Insights on new programs and new methods of controlling costs that are working for other employers