Carmen Lepe

Director of Human Resources, Freedom Health Partners

Paul Minter

CFO, 21st Century Vitamins

Jessica Corral

Partner / Executive Recruiter, Headfarmer

Tom Parker Headshot_LowRes

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Tom Parker, Chief Human Resources Officer

Working with you and your team has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since being with this organization.

Titus Crabb Headshot_LowRes

Vertech Industrial Systems

Titus Crabb, President

I really like the approach your firm takes, and you actually give me some hope that I can manage my costs beyond just the immediate renewal. What I really liked about you guys initially is that you educated us on how the health insurance market works and then worked with us to develop a strategy for managing our costs. We feel like we have more control over this budget line item now. And you’ve had great service since the initial engagement, too.

Spencer Ray Headshot_LowRes

Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona

Spencer Ray, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Benefit Commerce Group has been a true partner to Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona (GCNA) in every sense of the word. Since retaining their team in 2016, we have had complete confidence in our benefits strategy, compliance obligations, and day-to-day operations. We have a clear view into our plan financials which allows us to regularly make data-driven, informed decisions. Based on our unique circumstances, BCG also has helped us strategically grow through two different mergers, advising us on the benefits-related financial and compliance components to help ensure successful transactions. Our GCNA team members work tirelessly to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build stronger communities through the power of sustainable employment. So, it is extremely gratifying to me that my team, working with BCG, has been able to give back to our team members and families in the form of benefits. Since partnering with BCG in 2016 to review our portfolio, we improved our benefits and reduced payroll deductions by roughly 21%, while at the same time, we saved $7.7 million in our medical plan spend overall. And we have avoided having to reduce medical benefits during that time despite difficult market trends. Thank you, BCG, for your partnership!

Brad Casper Headshot_LowRes

Heart and Soul Marketing

Brad Casper, CEO and Co-Founder

Matt Moore and I had a lot of tough decisions to make getting Heart & Soul up and running. But one of the easiest calls was deciding that Benefit Commerce Group would be our Benefits Advisor partner.

Kristy Armijo Headshot_LowRes

Little Colorado Medical Center

Kristy Armijo, HR Director

BCG’s strategy, analysis and leverage achieved a VERY significant reduction in our health plan premium with IMPROVED benefits. We could not be more pleased with the service, support and results!