We Support Our Troops!


The BCG Care Committee of Benefit Commerce Group, Cambridge Benefit Solutions and Fall River Employee Benefits just completed a letter-writing campaign to show appreciation for our men and women in the military.

Here are some tips that you may want to use in a similar campaign in your own organization:

Writing tips:

  • Be positive. The letters are meant to uplift and encourage.
  • Be thankful. Be sure to communicate your appreciation for the soldiers’ sacrifices and dedication to us and our country.
  • Be respectful. These women and men have earned it more than most of us!
  • Be kind. Remember most of us have never and will probably never have to endure the difficulties that these soldiers have experienced.
  • Be encouraging.
  • DO NOT include your email or mailing address.
  • DO NOT use your last name.
  • If it is a classroom or workplace or group project, you can include a group photo.
  • Leave them unsealed for inspection or they won’t go.

You can send your own cards and letters for our troops to:

Support Our Troops®

13791 N. Nebraska Avenue

Tampa, FL 33613