AZ Benchmarking Survey

9th Annual

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2022 Survey is OPEN.

Participants will receive valuable data that is not available elsewhere.

All at NO COST to you.

Competition for employees has never been more intense. The benefits you offer can be the decision point for your candidates and employees.

Don't miss this opportunity to see how your employee benefits stack up to other employers.

A valuable data tool to help you determine three major factors:

  1. Where your organization needs to make your benefits stronger
  2. Where you are already ahead of competing employers
  3. How to save money and bring innovative new benefits into your programs

TOP 5 REASONS you should participate:

  1. The largest, comprehensive employee benefits benchmarking for AZ mid-size employers (50-5,000 employees).
  2. No matter what your benefits strategy is, you need to know how your benefits package compares to other companies' benefits.
  3. Your competitors are participating in the survey.
  4. Benefits and the employment marketplace are changing rapidly.
  5. Data that you cannot get anywhere else!

Make Data-Driven Decisions on Your Benefits Package!

  • Customized comparison and analysis of your plan design, employee costs, employer costs, HSA/HRA funding and more.
  • Segmented by your industry, size and type of organization, local and national data.
  • Over 100 data points to compare against thousands of employers nationwide, representing millions of covered employees.
  • Survey developed by the world's largest and most respected actuarial firm.
  • Benefit Commerce Group exclusively offers this survey in Arizona.
  • Many other surveys provide national data that is skewed toward very large national employers.
  • Other regional surveys customized for mid-market employers can cost you $1,000 or more.


If your organization was a participant in the past two years, the process is QUICK and EASY in 2022.

Just update or add to your data. You can access your survey, pre-populated with your previous data, by logging in with the same email address and password that you used previously. If you need help accessing your login information, contact Nancy Zalud (, 480-565-7924)

Results Event:  June 2nd, 2022

Video Recap of June 16th, 2021 event